Instructions & Help

Registration runs June 1 - June 30 (the register button on the main page will automatically appear and disappear on those dates).  The last day to record Reading Log entries and mark Activities completed is July 31.

Remember when creating a BookPoints account, you only need to create one account to login to the website for the whole family.

When selecting a school, select the school type that best fits:  You can type R and select Rutherford County School, type C and select Charter School, type P and select Private School, type H and select Homeschool, or type O and select Other.  If you are an adult, type N and select None.

Feel free to print and use the sheets below if you prefer to track your activity on paper.  For children, use the reading log to track their minutes read.  For adults, fill in the tic-tac-toe board to track your activity.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Create a shortcut on your home screen by going to the share icon or options button in your browser app.
  • Prizes will be handed out at all three libraries

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